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If you want me to summarize the whole article in one word then I would say consistency. Consistency is the key to success on YouTube. Upload 1 video daily or 3 videos per week or 1 video per week. In order to be successful on YouTube in short time, you have to understand YouTube algorithms. Once you understand how everything works on YouTube then you will smoothly grow in term of number of subscribers and views. Following tips will help you to grow drastically on YouTube.

Be Consistent On YouTube

Why you need to be consistent on YouTube? To answer this question I will first explain the YouTube algorithm. What is the main intention of YouTube? YouTube want creators to upload more and more contents on their platform. They also want users to watch videos as much as possible. So YouTube will encourage creators to upload more and more videos. But this is only possible when YouTube give views to these creators. There are millions of creators and thousands are joining on daily basis. Now YouTube doesn’t give views to each creator as there are many people who just upload videos for fun, their intention is not to be a YouTuber. Now YouTube look for creator who is uploading videos on consistent basis. According to my observation, YouTube will start suggesting your videos on home page and will recommend it to users when you upload up to 100 videos. When they start suggesting then rest of the things depends upon your contents. If you are uploading creative and valuable content that engage users for longer time. Then YouTube will keep suggesting it otherwise at some point they will stop suggesting it as users are not engaging with your content. Now your content is not valuable for YouTube. I would suggest to upload 1 video per day or 3 videos per week or at least 1 video per week. More frequently you upload videos, soon you will get success. Better option is to start daily base vlogging. Graph of your subscribers and views will rise exponentially after YouTube starts suggesting your videos.

Put Suspense And Twist In Your Videos

In order to keep viewers engaging and to keep them watching your videos till the end, put some twist and suspense in your videos. When one viewer watch your complete video till the end then YouTube will suggest your other videos to this viewer on home screen even if he/she has not subscribed to your channel. Also YouTube will start suggesting your videos to viewers having same interest like this viewer. In this way you can get more views, watch hours and subscribers on your channel. Now question will arise in your mind that how to put suspense in my videos? You have to show 5 or 10 seconds trailer of your complete video in start of the video. Put all interesting events of your video in that trailer. Now viewer will wait for every event to occur in the video and hence he/she will watch your complete video.

Make Content For YouTube As A Hobby

Don’t make content for YouTube with the intention that you will earn a lot of money or you will become a famous person. Create content for YouTube as a hobby. Just enjoy it and consider it as your memories for future. Don’t let less number of views and subscribers to discourage you. As I told earlier that till first 100 videos don’t worry about less number of views and subscribers. Otherwise you will soon get discouraged and you will not show any interest in creating content for YouTube.

Use Attractive Thumbnails

Start use of attractive thumbnails for your videos. Thumbnail put first impression on your viewer about the video. There are many free apps on play store for creating professional thumbnails for your videos. I would suggest app named “Thumbnail Maker”. You can create professional and good looking thumbnails through this app by drag and drop just in few minutes.

Make Shorter Videos

As a beginner don’t make videos longer than 5 minutes as your main target would be to engage viewers until the end of the video. You have to keep higher retention rate for your videos.

That’s all in this article. If you liked my article then share it on social media and also comment your feedback or topic on which you want me to post detail article. Thanks for reading the article and stay tuned for further articles. Meanwhile check our website to get free subscribers and watch hours on your YouTube channel.

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